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Première séance photo pour le groupe lundi 8 octobre par Yves Bottalico. Photo-report. par Lorelen.

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iPhone 4S give-away! 
I’m giving this phone away because I already have an iPhone 4s and found the iPhone on the floor at a festival. (That is a picture of Google I couldn’t be bothered to upload one) So It’s not in the best of condition, it’s a 8/10. But hey, it’s an iPhone. I put the iPhone on eBay but had it taken down as it was reported as ‘stolen goods’. So I have literally nothing else to do with it.
- MUST be following me: (I will check before entering you)
- Must reblog, likes wont be counted.
- Don’t message me about the item, I wont respond.
The winner will be chosen by a random generator, so the more reblog’s, the better chance you have. This competition is open to anyone within any country. The competition will end on the 30th July 2012 at 12:00am. The winner will be contacted via their ask box on Tumblr so if you reblog this check your ask box around the 30th of July as I don’t want to be chasing people. 
Good luck. :-)